COVID-19 Update 05/05/20

As you are all aware it is over eight weeks ago that we decided to sadly close our doors to all our wonderful families and friends.

It has been, and continues to be, a challenging and worrying time for us all, with positive and suspected cases of coronavirus in our home. However, our dedicated and caring staff have acted and responded with immense compassion and dedication. The management team have been ensuring that staff and resident’s safety, education and training are adhered to in the following practices:
– effective hand and respiratory hygiene
– physical and social distancing
– correct use of PPE and waste management
– premises hygiene and cleaning

Despite all of the pressures, our staff are doing amazingly well to ensure that all our residents are keeping healthy, comfortable and happy.
Our teams have also been going the extra mile to support the residents that live with us, by keeping in touch, with video, letters and social media, many residents had not even heard of social media before this pandemic hit us. Many of you are coming up with ingenious ways of keeping in touch also.

We continue to strive by providing a caring environment for those residents, who need to be isolated, doing our best to alleviate their anxieties and making sure they are kept up to date about their care and by keeping their families updated.

As far as we can, we are trying our utmost to ensure we can continue to a sense of routine and normalcy for those that live at our homes. . We know however, that our residents are missing their loved ones, and of course, families are missing them too. This is an incredibly tough time, but we are so grateful for the support that families have shown, so we want to also thank you.

We’re pleased to say that reported changes to the government’s approach to Covid-19 testing should help us even further over the coming weeks. We’re now told that:
• Staff and their families who wish to be tested can be, for reassurance about their own safety, and crucially, to protect our residents and their colleagues;
• More residents are now being tested, helping us to improve the safety of all those in our homes (residents and staff);
• Home test kits will soon available for care home staff, which will help particularly for those that cannot travel, to test centres.

We have genuinely been overwhelmed by the support we have received from families and friends of your loved ones. These good wishes and appreciation gives our staff the strength to continue the fight against this virus.

We are beginning to see the positive effects of the excellent care, with many of our residents beginning to recover from Covid-19 in our homes. We all will continue to face difficult and upsetting times, but this has been very welcome news to us all.

We have no doubt that there are many more difficult days to come in the fight against this virus, but we will continue to work as hard as possible to protect your loved ones, and we’re very grateful indeed for your support and your amazing dedication to your family members.

The Management Team.

Litty Matthews; WINNER of the Best Care Home Nurse 2019

We are so incredibly proud to share the news that this year at the very prestigious Stockport Star award Ceremony, our very own Litty Matthews was awarded the Best Care Home Nurse for 2019.

Litty has 22 years of Nursing experience and has been at Plane Tree Court for 14 years. She has a wide range of experience particularly in Emergency, Orthopaedic and Elderly Care. She puts in 100% day in day out and always provides the best care possible. Litty is caring, committed, reliable and compassionate. She is very supportive to the families as well as her work colleagues and we are just so happy that this has been recognised externally and can be celebrated.

On 20th February we had a small event at the home to celebrate Litty. Wes Brown presented Litty with the award. Residents, familys and team members all gather along with local news papers to share in this fantastic day.

Well Done Litty, we are all so proud of you!!

Plane Tree Court receives their 6 Steps (End of Life) Care Award!

On Monday 10th December Plane Tree Court received their Six Steps (End of Life Care) Award.

They have made quite remarkable progress in the last two years, both from the perspective of individualised, person centred end of life care but also in relation to a reduction in the number of admissions and days spent in hospital in the last year of life.

Between January and November 2018 Plane Tree have had 20 deaths. Of these:
80% were cared for in the care home in their documented preferred place of care
Of the four residents who were recorded as dying in hospital 3 were unexpected and were therefore appropriate admissions
A fourth resident was known to be approaching the very last weeks of life but unexpectedly dipped and a GP and paramedics decided to admit the resident to hospital. The resident died in an ambulance in the car park at Plane Tree.

These outcomes are impressive and although Plane Tree have done the bulk of the work, they will say that they have been well supported by the practice, largely by Dr Taylor but also others in her absence.